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Ecommerce for Microsoft Dynamics AX allows businesses to stay in sync and up-to-date on each step of the customer self-service process, from the beginning point of when a customer makes a purchase on the online store, to when the customer receives the delivery of their order.

With this fully integrated system, businesses benefit from accurate inventory and pricing, automatic order and invoice processing, and enhanced shipment tracking, which all result in lower customer servicing costs and the ability to effortlessly scale as business volume grows.

The integration between the front end Ecommerce store and Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP ensures that the following information is bridged seamlessly:  

  • Customer Record
  • Customer Addresses
  • Customer Invoices
  • Accounts Receivable Balance and AR Aging
  • Customer Trade Agreements including Customer-Specific Pricing and Quantity
  • Customer Payments
  • Product and Catalog Information
  • Inventory balance
  • Item Pricing
  • Sales Order Information
  • Sales Order Shipping Notifications

Inventory and Price Integration

With an integrated Ecommerce and ERP system, merchants are able to accurately reflect the inventory available in their warehouses (as stored in Microsoft Dynamics AX) and broadcast to the public on their online store platform (as displayed in Hitachi Solutions Ecommerce).

Using the Hitachi Solutions Ecommerce Manager Panel, merchants can choose the inventory message they wish to display on their store. For example, if the stock quantity on a product becomes zero or goes below a specific threshold, the merchant can make inventory messages such as “Limited Stock” or “Backordered” display on the product page.

A merchant can also make inventory adjustments and transfers in Microsoft Dynamics AX that show up on the online store. Generating a new inventory journal allows the merchant to update the quantity number for whichever particular item, with the associated warehouse auto-populated. After posting the inventory journal, the new inventory quantity is visible in Microsoft Dynamics AX against the warehouse. Merchants can then display the new quantity on the product page of the online store.

Inventory and Price Integration

Inventory and Price Integration

After an inventory journal is created and posted to adjust a productís inventory quantity in the ERP, the merchant can then display the new quantity amount on the productís online store page.

Similarly, item prices can also be updated in Microsoft Dynamics AX, and then immediately reflected on the store, ensuring that customers do not face discrepancies in pricing.

Inventory and Price Integration

Inventory and Price Integration

After entering a new price for an item in Microsoft Dynamics AX, the new price can then show on the item’s online store page.

Sales Order Integration

Hitachi Solutions Ecommerce provides true bi-directional support between the Ecommerce platform and Microsoft Dynamics AX, ensuring that sales order data flows seamlessly between the two systems – giving your customers what they want as soon as possible.

Integrating sales orders into Microsoft Dynamics AX from Hitachi Solutions Ecommerce is also automated, providing merchants with greater flexibility and visibility.  

Sales Order Integration

Sales Order Integration

A sales order thatís integrated from Hitachi Solutions Ecommerce into Microsoft Dynamics AX provides all the information on that given sales order, such as the item ordered, its quantity, the unit price, discounts, sales amount, the requested ship date, etc.

Sales Order Fulfillment

After a sales order is created, the next steps of order fulfillment can be quickly completed. First, the manager can generate and post a picking list for the sales order in Microsoft Dynamics AX, with the picking list containing order details along with the corresponding warehouse locations of the inventory required, and a picking route selected.

After picking is finished, the package then arrives for packing, where the fulfillment manager clicks on the Packing Slip tab to enter details on the package to be shipped, how it will be packed in different cartons, etc. Once the sales order is fulfilled, it shows up in Microsoft Dynamics AX as delivered.

Merchants can easily fulfill online store orders in Microsoft Dynamics AX, creating picking lists and packing slips with ease.

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The integration between Hitachi Solutions Ecommerce and Microsoft Dynamics AX provides merchants tight connection between their Ecommerce platform and ERP system, offering a solid technological foundation for growing their business, and for giving their customer the best possible service.

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