Product Information

Ecommerce for Microsoft Dynamics provides you a complete online store solution. With state-of-the-art Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Consumer (B2C) capabilities, Ecommerce for Microsoft Dynamics offers seamless integration with the following Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM solutions:

  • Microsoft Dynamics AX
  • Microsoft Dynamics GP
  • Microsoft Dynamics SL
  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Ecommerce for Microsoft Dynamics includes the following features. Click here for a price quote for the Ecommerce for Microsoft Dynamics solution that’s tailored to your needs.

Responsive Web Design

  • Create higher sales conversion rates by allowing customers to access your site through multiple devices.
  • Save time and resources by no longer needing to create and manage individual web stores for each device.
  • Leverage out-of-the-box responsive web design elements that easily adapt to device screen changes.
  • Use fluid images on your web store that will automatically shrink or expand to fit the screen, preventing image distortion from the shopper’s view.
  • Assign product catalogs different themes and templates suitable to specific devices.

Multi-Level Product Catalog

Display your products in the best possible light with robust product and inventory features.

  • Leverage a multi-level hierarchy that offers unlimited levels of item categories for your product catalog. Easily add products to each of these categories.
  • Allow product pages to show the latest product prices and product stock statuses.
  • Display an inventory number (e.g. “7 in stock”) or inventory message (e.g. “Ships in 24 hours,” “Ships in 2-3 weeks,” “Out of Stock”) depending on stock status.
  • Utilize unlimited product attributes and variants, such as size, style, color, etc.
  • Mark up/down your prices by category, manufacturers, or products.
  • Quickly add or remove products from the catalog. Products can also be marked inactive, or hidden if not in stock.
  • Automatically display Best Sellers and Most Popular products that are unique for each category based on sales history.
  • Post multiple product images, in varying sizes, to show different views and angles. Allow customers to zoom in on images to see the product up-close.
  • Capitalize on additional sales opportunities by cross-selling products on a related product page.
  • Offer targeted searching with the ability to filter search results.
  • Set up business rules and pricing rules in the product configurator based on items selected.

Rich multi-level product catalog with customer reviews and ratings.

Rich multi-level product catalog with customer reviews and ratings.

Multi-Store Order Management Desk

Get customers their products fast with quick and efficient online order processing.

  • Manage multiple online stores through a single order management interface.
  • Easily find customer orders in several ways: by email, customer name, customer address, zip code.
  • Get a complete view of the customer with the ability to view customer order history.
  • Use different order statuses to denote the correct processing stage (e.g. New, Being Processed, Fraud, Hold, Complete, Cancelled, etc.).
  • Limit fraud with zero-touch order handling that puts orders on hold for pre-defined criteria.

Advanced order management capabilities provide in-depth insight into order status, customers, and products.

Advanced order management capabilities provide in-depth insight into order status, customers, and products.

Advanced Shopping Cart

Provide a user-friendly and convenient shopping experience that makes customers return.

  • Enable a fully featured shopping cart that makes browsing and checkout a breeze.
  • Provide a shipping calculator on the cart page that allows customers to preview shipping costs upfront.
  • Drive promotional activities by posting marketing banners and linked promotions on the shopping cart page.
  • Offer up-sell recommendations for additional conversions (e.g. “Customers who purchased this also purchased”).
  • Allow customers to use multiple shipping addresses in their address book.
  • Deliver checkout flexibility with one-click and multi-step checkout options. One-click checkouts help reduce the number of clicks, which in turn helps increase conversions.

Single Click Checkout (Fast checkout) to increase Conversions

An advancing shopping cart allows customers to quickly view and update prospective purchases. Up-sell and cross-sell products can also be displayed in the shopping cart.

Marketing Promotions Management

Advance outreach and brand awareness to both new and existing customer bases.

  • Manage marketing and promotional activities in one interface.
  • Create promotions that help you stand out from the competition, with the ability to offer promotions on items, shipping, item categories, total orders, and more.
  • Combine promotions into a single package, such as bundled promotions and coupons, and BOGO offers.
  • Offer flexibility by making promotions automatically available, or require customers to enter a coupon code.
  • Leverage search engine-friendly URLs for product pages and category pages to drive organic search engine optimization (SEO). Automated product page titles and image ALT-TAGs further support SEO efforts.
  • Allow customers the ability to purchase gift cards and certificates.
  • Track sales by promotion to better analyze promotion engagement and results.

Single Click Checkout (Fast checkout) to increase Conversions

Ability to set up multiple types of coupons and promotions with restrictions and limitations on use.

Mechandising Management

Play to your customers’ interests by highlighting products based on their shopping habits.

  • Automate cross-sell products upon checkout for additional conversions.
  • Display related products that appeal to customer needs and desires.
  • Manage up-sell products to capitalize on customer purchases.
  • Support product drop-shipping with email notifications to vendors.
  • Offer customers unlimited product attributes and variants (e.g. size, style, and color).
  • Post content articles and videos to support cross-sell efforts.
  • Include content in search results that informs and teaches customers.

eCommerce for Microsoft Dynamics support multiple payment options including Credit Card, ACH, Terms, Purchase Order, PayPal and Google Checkout

Provide informative content articles, videos, and other related educational items to products to help increase conversions.

Customer Self Service - My Account

Provide customers control and visibility with a powerful self-service portal.

  • Allow customers to view their order history for greater purchasing insights.
  • Enable customers to easily manage multiple shipping addresses with an address book.
  • Offer a credit card wallet that allows customers to have multiple payment options on file.
  • Give customers the ability to edit orders.
  • Provide the ability to request returns on eligible orders.$
  • Personalize communications with the ability to set email preferences for newsletters (opt in/ opt out), orders, and shipping confirmations.
  • Offer enhanced security with the ability to change passwords.
  • Enable customers to better manage users/sub-users by providing the appropriate system access with separate login IDs.*

* Requires Business to Business module

$ Requires Returns Management module

eCommerce for Microsoft Dynamics support multiple payment options including Credit Card, ACH, Terms, Purchase Order, PayPal and Google Checkout

The customer’s My Account portal enables them to view and manage information including order history, sales quotes (with the ability to convert quotes to orders), multiple logins, and users with different permissions to an account.

Multiple Payment Options

Enable customers to pay with ease by integrating with their favorite payment gateways.

  • Credit Card (Payflow Pro,, Chase Paymentech, Wells Fargo and more)
  • PayPal Checkout
  • PO-based and On Account Orders
  • Checks/Cashier’s Check
  • ACH/Electronic Checks*
  • Gift Certificates
  • Cash

* Requires Business to Business module

eCommerce for Microsoft Dynamics support multiple payment options including Credit Card, ACH, Terms, Purchase Order, PayPal and Google Checkout

You can set up multiple payment options for customers to choose from, as well as offer the ability to pay with reward points and gift certificates.

Advanced Customer Management

Strengthen customer engagement with enhanced customer database management.

  • Easily make updates to customer contact and logistics information (e.g. Bill To/Ship To information).
  • Smoothly place orders for customers via an online Sales Desk.
  • Expedite the quote process by creating and offering quotes to customers and saving them in the system for future reference.
  • Consolidate customer histories across multiple stores in a single database.

Customer Dashboard and Portal to view and manage information including order history, sales quotes with ability to convert quotes to orders, manage multiple logins and users with different authority rights on an account

Customer service representatives (CSRs) have the ability to log customer comments, view and edit addresses, approve customers for credit limits or different price levels, change acceptable payment methods, view customer balances, reset passwords, and more.

Business to Business (B2B) Functionality

Deliver top-notch, personalized service that exceeds customer expectations.

  • Offer different payment methods according to customer preferences.
  • Provide customer segment-specific product pricing.
  • Set discounts and special promotions for each customer segment at the store level, item category level, and item level.
  • Choose catalog displays by customer segment.
  • Charge or waive tax by customer segment.
  • Set different shipping methods by customer segment.
  • Enable multiple contacts at the customer level.

Figure: eCommerce for Microsoft Dynamics allows you to have multiple logins for a single customer account with different permissions for the end users.

Provide customer-specific pricing, catalogs, and special promotions unique to your different customer segments.

Real-Time Reporting

Get accurate, up-to-date views into online store performance with out-of-the-box reports

  • Sales by Item
  • Sales by Department
  • Sales by Section
  • Sales by Category
  • Sales by Payment Method
  • Top N Selling Items
  • Top Customers
  • Average, Median Size of Order
  • Total $ Sales Value
  • Repeat Customers
  • Campaign Reporting: Sales by Promotion
  • Chart-based Reporting
  • Credit Card Transactions
  • Ship Transactions by Date
  • Booked Transactions by Date
  • End of Day Summary

Rich out-of-the-box reporting for analyzing and measuring sales performance and customer analytics

Out-of-the-box reporting supports analyzing and measuring sales performance and customer analytics.

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