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Please complete this brief form below to receive a personalized price quote for Ecommerce for Microsoft Dynamics including software, maintenance fees and estimated implementation services if you choose licensed software and monthly subscription fees and estimated implementation services if you choose the subscription model. Your emailed quote will include a complete list of included modules and other optional modules.

This price quote is to help you budget your total ecommerce and online web storefront software project cost. It is not a binding contract. Ecommerce for Dynamics team members are available to answer additional questions and provide a final proposal upon request.

If you have any special issues that should be considered in your Price Quote please include them in the comments section at the bottom of this form.

Type of Store: select the type of store(s) you need

Business to Consumer (B2C) web store:
  Primarily sell to end customers e.g. individuals or end-user businesses where pricing is retail pricing and not customer specific.
Business to Business (B2B) web store:
  Primarily sell to businesses, resellers or other type of customers that have customer specific pricing requirements.
Both B2C and B2B:
  Sell to customers where there is a single level of pricing and others that get special pricing.

Optional functionality: Select additional optional features you need

Marketing Promotions and Coupons:
  Run marketing promotions on your web store with promotional banners. Use coupons to increase sales including item coupons, order coupons, bundled coupons including BOGO offers, shipping coupons. Social media integration for running promotions on Facebook and Twitter.
Returns Management:
  Provide online returns capability with ability for your customers to request returns online. Setup return policies with valid return periods by reason code e.g. 30 days for change of mind but 60 days for damaged product.
  Allow your customers to view invoices and pay them electronically via credit card or ACH.

Type of Installation: Select the type of install you need

  Primarily sell to end customers e.g. individuals or end-user businesses where pricing is retail pricing and not customer specific.
Assisted Install:
  Assistance from us to deploy and install the software but you do requirements gathering, graphics design and make key mapping decisions internally using questionnaires.
Full Service Turnkey Install:
  Full service install where we do the software install, requirements gathering, graphics design, software configuration and deployment.

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Licensing Model: Select the way you want to license the software

Purchase License:
  Purchase the license with a one-time fee
  Subscribe to the software in a hosted model with a monthly recurring subscription fee.